What kind of books do you read? When do you read?

Q: What kind of books do you read? When do you read?

A: I read whenever I have time. I read many different types of books. Sometimes a friend or someone I admire will recommend a book, other times I read non-fiction books on topics I am interested in. It really depends.

Some books I have read recently were a biography about a Surrealist painter, a science book on how to use Forensics to determine time of death, a science fiction book about a dystopian society (which mostly took place in a virtual world), and several books about Norse mythology. I am really interested in mythology and folklore, so I usually have at least one book around. It’s easiest to find books about Greek and Roman Mythology, but Celtic, Norse, and Egyptian are also really interesting!


質問: どんな本をいつ読むの?

回答: 時間があるときはいつも本を読むわね。様々なタイプの本が好きなの。時に友達や誰か尊敬する人が本を薦めてくれたりするほかには、興味のある分野のノンフィクションを読むわ。本当に場合によるの。