What kind of job did you do when you were a student?

Q: What kind of job did you do when you were a student?

A: I had several different jobs when I was in high school. Some of them were not regular jobs though. For example, my mother made arrangements with a family friend for me to work at his video rental shop, but I was not old enough to legally work. So instead of getting paid, he gave me free video rentals. It was not a good deal for me, lol.

I also did a telemarketing job for a short time. A radio station in the area wanted to sell some coupon books, so they asked high school students to call people’s homes and try to sell them the books. It was a short term job, and it was very hard. Since people could not see the coupon books, it was hard to convince them that they were useful. We did not get paid unless we sold a book, so it was very tough!

 I worked at a Chinese food restaurant for a while when I was a junior in high school. My job was to take people’s food orders over the phone, and then pack up the food that had been prepared. It was a very boring job, and our boss nagged us all the time. She was a little bit cheap, so we would get in trouble for things like putting more than 2 napkins in the bag.

When I was a senior in high school, I started to work at the county library. This was a good job for me, because I was able to see all the new books that came in, and check them out quickly, hahahaa! My job was to put away all the books that were returned to the library, and take damaged books downstairs to the people who repaired them. I had good co-workers at this job, though some strange things happened there from time to time. Once I had to go to the hospital, because I almost broke my nose on the elevator door!





高校3年のとき、郡の図書館で働き始めたの。私にはいい仕事だったわ。新着の本は全部見られてすぐに借りられたもの(笑) 私の仕事は図書館に返却された本を片付けて、破れた本を修繕する人たちがいる階下に持っていくことだった。この仕事では同僚に恵まれたわ。時々おかしなことが起きたけど。エレベーターのドアにぶつかって鼻を骨折しかけて、病院に行かなければならないこともあったわよ。