What kind of movies do you prefer to see at theaters?

Q: What kind of movies do you prefer to see at theaters?

A: It really depends. I don’t see movies in the theater very often these days. There is actually a very nice, modern theater not very far from my house. Unfortunately the bus system in my area was rearranged about a year and a half ago, so now it’s difficult to get to that theater, even though it’s not so far. I usually stream movies these days, as there is no DVD rental shop nearby.

It’s not that I prefer to watch them movies home, it’s just that watching at home is the most convenient now that the theater is not accessible. Sometimes, with certain movies (especially those with lots of special effects) I find myself thinking “This would have been so much cooler on the big screen!” I guess movies that are story-focused do just as well, regardless of screen size. But I think movies that are effects-focused must be more fun to see in the theater.


Q: 映画は映画館で見るのが好き?それとも家で見るのが好き?

A: 場合によるわ。最近は映画を映画館であまり見ないわね。家からそれほど遠くないところにきれいで現代的な映画館があるけど、1年半位前にバスの運行が改定されて、それほど遠くはないのにその映画館に行きづらくなってしまったの。近くにDVDレンタルショップがないから、最近はいつもストリーミングで映画を見るわ。