What news interested you most in 2018?

Q: What news interested you most in 2018?

A: These days I find most news distressing, not interesting. The world is in an awful state at the moment, and no country is immune from it. The number of human rights violations taking place around the world is appalling, and the impacts of global warming on animals, crops and more is extremely sad.

I am happy to hear about some of the advancements being made in medical science. The HPV vaccine has been found to block many more cancers than previously thought, and there have been excellent results in trials of HIV vaccines this year. I have also heard about some remarkable advancements in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease.


Q: 2018年のニュースで最も興味を持ったものは?

A: 最近のニュースは、ほとんどが面白いではなく、痛ましいわね。世界は今ひどい状況で、どの国も逃れることができない。おぞましい数の人権侵害が世界で起きているし、動物、穀物などへの地球温暖化の影響は本当に悲しい。