What news last year surprised you the most?

Q: What news last year surprised you the most?

Russia’s attack on Ukraine. I guess the attack itself was not as surprising as the fact that Putin continued the attack, even once the world was watching. I think he is a cowardly person – he sent untrained men and students out on the front lines where everyone knew they would most likely be killed. He sent soldiers with no food or other supplies. I thought he would stop attacking or make some excuse about a mistake once he realized the world was watching, but I was wrong.

I understand why no country wants to stand firmly against him. No one wants to start a nuclear war. But without strong action, we are allowing a neighborhood bully to take over the town, as it were. He must be stopped, and soon.

Q: 去年一番驚いたニュースは何ですか?

A: ロシアのウクライナ侵攻よ。攻撃そのものよりも世界が見ている中でプーチンが攻撃をし続けたことが驚きだったわ。思うに彼は卑怯な人間だと思うわ。訓練されていない人や学生を誰だってわかる最も戦死しやすい前線に送っていたもの。食糧や物資なしで兵士を送ったりね。私は彼が世界が見ていると気づいたら攻撃を止めて過ちの言い訳をすると思っていたのだけれど、私は間違っていたわ。