What type of paintings do you do?

Q: What type of paintings do you do? Were you good at painting as a child?

A: I don’t think most people supply children with paints and canvasses!
As for what type of thing I paint, it depends on what kind of paint I am using. If I am using watercolors, I paint all kinds of things – imaginary animals, abstract designs, scenery, sometimes I practice lettering with watercolors.

However, if I am using acrylics I typically do what would best be classified as modern or abstract art. I like to add texture to my paintings so they have more visual interest. Recently I bought some HORRIBLE quality paint brushes for this purpose – I knew all the bristles would come out when I painted with them, lol, and that was part of the plan. I left all the bristles in the paint and let them dry, so the finished piece has a cool textured look to it.

I haven’t worked with oil paints as you need chemicals to clean up with, and I don’t have anywhere in my apartment to store or use chemicals. I prefer things that can be cleaned with water!

Q: どんな絵を描くの? 子供の頃に絵は得意だった?

A: たいてい子供に絵の具とキャンバスを与えはしないわよね!
どういうものを描くかというと、どの絵の具を使うかによるわね。もし水彩を使うならいろんなものを描くわ ー 想像上の動物や抽象画、景色、時には水彩でレタリング(文字デザイン)の練習もするわ。

だけど、アクリルを使うならたいてい現代画か抽象画にあたるものを描くわね。私の絵には質感を加えてより見た目に面白いものにするの。最近、このために恐ろしい質の絵筆を買ったのよ ー これで描けば毛が出てくるのがわかっていてね、笑、それが計算のうちなの。絵に毛を全部残したままにしておいて乾かせば、完成した作品はかっこいい質感がでるから。