What would you bring with you if you were stranded on a desert island?

Q: What would you bring with you if you were stranded on a desert island?

A: I’d bring a satellite phone with a battery (to call for help), a “bug out bag” for shelter, food and tools, and a row boat. 

Do you know what a “bug out bag” is? There are some people called “doomsday preppers” who live their whole lives preparing for either nuclear war or the end of the world. They spend all their money making bunkers to hide in, and filling them with supplies like food, tools, and more. They carry “bug out bags” in their cars, in case they are too far away from home when the disaster they imagine strikes. These kinds of bags usually have things like freeze dried food, hunting and fishing tools, fire starting tools, and very basic shelter things like tarps.  Most people think doomsday preppers are a little crazy, but their bags would be good on a desert island!


Q: 無人島で独りになるとしたら、何を持っていく?

A: 電池つきの衛星電話(助けを呼ぶため)、シェルター用に”bug out bag”と食べ物、道具、手漕ぎボートを持っていくわ。
“bug out bag”はわかるかしら? “doomsday preppers”という核戦争や世界の終わりに備えて生活している人たちがいるのだけれど、彼らは持ち金を全て使って、身を隠す防空壕を作って、食料や道具などの物資の確保しているの。想定する災害にあったとき、家から遠く離れている場合に備えて、”bug out bag”を車に積んでいる。このバッグにはフリーズドライ食品、狩りや魚釣り、火を起こす道具、タープのような簡易なシェルターが入っている。たいていの人は”doomsday preppers”は少々行き過ぎていると思っているけど、このバッグは無人島にはいいわよね!