What would you recommend they see or do in Seattle?

Q: What would you recommend people visit see or do in Seattle?

A: We have lots of good things to do here. One of my favorite places to take people is Chihuly Garden & Glass. Dale Chihuly is a world famous glass artist, and a lot of his work and designs are on display there.

Another personal favorite is the Museum of Flight. As you probably know, Boeing is based in Seattle, so they started this museum some years ago. There are planes from all over the world on display there, and even some NASA equipment. It takes a LONG time to go through the entire building, but it’s worth it!

People who are not afraid of heights should definitely go up the Space Needle. It was originally built for the World’s Fair in the 60s, but has become an iconic part of the Seattle skyline.

Of course we also have the things all big cities have like a zoo, an aquarium, and many types of art museums. One museum, called MoPOP (museum of pop culture) is a lot of fun to visit, and is very close to the Space Needle and Chihuly Garden & Glass, so you can easily spend a day in one area.


Q: シアトルで何を見たり、するのがお勧めですか?

A: その人の興味によるのはもちろんだけど、ここでやることはたくさんあるわ。チフーリ・ ガーデン・アンド・ガラスは私が連れていくお気に入りの場所の一つよ。デール・チフーリは世界で有名なガラス作家で、そこにはたくさんの彼の作品やデザインが展示されているの。



もちろん全ての大都市にあるようなもの、動物園、水族館、様々な美術館等もあるわ。MoPOP(ポップカルチャーの博物館)は行くと面白いわよ。スペースニードルやチフーリ・ ガーデン・アンド・ガラスにとても近いから、一か所で簡単に1日過ごせるわ。