When are children treated as an adult in general?

Q: When are children treated as an adult in general?

A: There’s a bit of a split in the US. People are considered legal adults at age 18, and can enter into contracts, sign legal documents and make their own legal decisions at age 18. They can also vote or join the military at this age, or buy lottery tickets. If you are still a high school student when you turn 18, you can even sign yourself in and out of class, and write your own permission slips! However, you need to be 21 to drink or go into a bar.

Until very recently, anyone over the age of 18 could buy cigarettes, but a new law has changed that. Now you must be 21 to buy cigarettes, the same as alcohol. The government is also looking at making changes to laws restricting “vaping” too. Most states allow people to drive at 16, but many want to increase this age as well, so it’s possible that this will change in the near future.