When do students in the US start to study a different language at school?

Q: When do students in the US start to study a different language at school?

A: Second language classes typically begin in junior high, though if a child attends a different type of school, like a charter school, or a private school, they may start in elementary school.
Which classes you can choose from depend on the budget of the school district. The most commonly available is Spanish. How many other languages are offered depends on the ability of the school district to pay for a number of different teachers.
I have seen some school districts that offered only Spanish, and I have seen some that offered Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Cantonese and Norwegian. Usually students have to choose between just 2 or 3, unless the school district finds a teacher who can teach multiple languages.
My first year French teacher taught Spanish all day – my class was her only French class. So often, when our class started, we would come in and take our seats, and she would start speaking to us in Spanish, and then get very angry at us for not answering her. Someone would have to raise their hand and remind her that it was French 1, not Spanish 1, lol. 


Q: 米国の学生が学校で外国語を学ぶのはいつから?

A: たいていは第二外国語を学ぶのは中学からだけど、チャータースクールや私立のような別の種類の学校に行っていると、小学校から始めるかもしれない。