When do you say “Happy New Year”?

Q: When do you say “Happy New Year”?

We also say “Happy New Year” when we see someone for the first time. This is especially common with coworkers. We might also say something different but related, like asking what they did for New Year’s Eve, or if they had a good New Year’s Eve, etc.

We say it when saying goodbye IF we know we will not see the person until after the new year starts. So if I saw my friend on December 28th and knew I would not see her again until January 4th, I would say “Good bye! Happy New Year!” when we were parting.


Q: “Happy New Year.”はいつ言いますか?

A: 私たちも年初初めて会う人に“Happy New Year”と言うわよ。特に同僚によく使うわね。関連して、大晦日は何をしたか、楽しかったかとか別のことを言うこともあるわ。

あと、年明けにしか会わないことがわかっている場合、別れ際に言うわね。12月28日に友達に会って、1月4日まで会わないとわかっていたら、別れるときに“Good bye! Happy New Year!”というわ。