Who do you have trouble buying for?

Q: Who do you have trouble buying for?

A: My son has become a little difficult to buy for because these days he has a job. So, when he needs or wants something, he buys it himself. In the past, if he needed something special for school, or wanted a new video game or something like that, I would get it for him for Christmas. But now he gets it for himself, so sometimes I have trouble figuring out what else I could get him.


Q: 誰のプレゼントを買うのが難しい?

A: 息子に買うプレゼントが少し難しくなったわね。最近彼は働いているからね。必要なものや欲しいものがあれば自分で買っているの。かつては学校で必要なものや新しいゲームなんかが欲しければ、私がクリスマスに買ってあげていたの。でも今は自分で買うから、彼に買ってあげるものを探すのに苦労することがあるわね。