Who is more likely to pay college tuition in the US, students or their parents?

Q: Who is more likely to pay college tuition in the US

A:This depends entirely on the family, and on the student’s abilities.

Affluent families usually pay for their child’s schooling. Other families may pay a portion and then require their child to get a job and pay the rest themselves. Lower income students usually have to work a part time job and take out loans in order to go to school.

If a student has really good grades, or an exceptional athletic ability, they may be able to receive a scholarship from a university which will cover their tuition for at least one year.

Student loans have become a huge problem in the US, because university is so expensive. Many students graduate with crippling debt. If they cannot get a job immediately after finishing school, they default on their loans and their credit ends up completely destroyed. Bad credit can prevent people from obtaining certain types of jobs, can prevent people from being able to rent an apartment, or buy a car or house.


Q: 米国では大学の学費を払うのは、学生?親?

A: これは完全にそこの家庭や学生の学力によるわ。