You can own guns in the U.S. Do almost all people own a gun?

Q: You can own guns in the U.S. Do almost all people own a gun?

A: No, most people in the US do not own guns. Only about 30% of people in the US own guns.

Gun ownership also depends somewhat on where you live. Fewer people who live in cities own guns, but more people who live in the countryside do. There are also many different reasons to have a gun, and different types. For example, a farmer might have a shotgun to scare (or kill) predators who are bothering his farm animals. A person who likes to hunt would probably prefer to use a rifle. People who own a gun for personal protection would prefer a hand gun. People who take part in competitive shooting events may use a pistol or a rifle.

I think people get the wrong idea about how many people own guns because typically, if a person has a gun, they have several. It’s rare for a gun owner to have just one – especially in the case of hunters.


Q: 米国では銃の所有が認められていますが、ほとんどの人が銃を持っていますか?

A: いいえ、米国のほとんどが銃を持っていないわ。持っているのは約30%にすぎないの。