You seem to be very creative. Where does your inspiration come from? 

Q: You seem to be very creative. Where does your inspiration come from when you paint, sew or create things?

A: It really depends on the medium as well as the project. I don’t really enjoy sewing – I do it when I need something. Often when I need a piece of clothing, or something for my house, I either can’t find what I want, or I think the price is too high. In situations like that I usually just give up and make it myself. The one exception is Halloween costumes. I LOVED sewing Halloween costumes for my son when he was little. He always thought of really interesting character ideas, and I had a lot of fun making them for him.
When I paint, it’s usually based on my feeling at the time, or some piece of music, poetry, or photography that moved me. When I do crafts, it really depends. Sometimes I have some object that I want to use, so I think up a project that will allow me to use it. Sometimes I see a movie or TV show that inspires me to make a craft item.


Q: あなたはとてもクリエイティブだと思います。絵を描いたり、縫い物や物作りをするときのインスピレーションはどこからやってくるの?

A: 手段やプロジェクトによるわね。縫い物はあまり好きではないの。必要なものがある時にするの。服とか家で使うものが必要なとき、自分の欲しいものが見つからなかったり、高かったりすると、あきらめて自分で作るの。唯一の例外がハロウィンの衣装。息子が小さい時、息子のハロウィンの衣装を縫うのが大好きだったわ。彼はいつもとても面白いキャラクターを思いついて、それを作るのがとても楽しかったわ。