Are there any new laws or regulations which interest you?

Q: Are there any new laws or regulations which interest you?

Yes – the $15/hr minimum wage movement.

More and more cities, counties and states are adopting the $15 minimum wage law. Many politicians have pointed out that the price of goods might increase because of the wage increase, and that only high school and college students work minimum wage jobs, so there is no need for their wage to increase, as they usually live with their parents. But this just isn’t true.

There are many, many working adults who are trying to support their families on minimum wage jobs, and they should absolutely be paid a wage that is high enough for them to pay their rent and buy groceries, clothing, and pay for medical expenses. Currently, our federal minimum wage is only $7.25 per hour, before taxes. In the vast majority of cities around the country, if you work 40 hours per week at this wage (this is considered full time), it is NOT enough to pay rent and buy groceries for even a family of 2. Many people in my city work 2 or 3 jobs because of this.

Our federal minimum wage has not increased since early 2009 – more than 10 years ago – yet the cost of living increases every year. Since the federal government will not make this correction, it’s important for states and cities to make it themselves. In my area, many larger cities have passed this law in their city limits, because the state won’t make the correction. For example, the city of Seattle has a mandatory minimum wage of $16.50 -18.69 per hour, but the state minimum wage is $15.74 per hour.

Q: 興味を引く新しい法律はありますか?

A: あるわ。最低賃金を時給15ドルにする動きよ。