Which do you prefer, e-books or normal paper books?

Q: Which do you prefer, e-books or normal paper books? Why do you prefer it?

A: I don’t read e-books at all. I don’t like staring at a screen all the time, and there is no place that you can’t take a paper book. I think I would only prefer e-books if I were needing to carry hardback books around, as they are quite heavy. If you’re just reading a novel, there’s really no reason not to just put it in your bag.

I have a friend who has a very strange habit of reading 4 or 5 books at the same time, instead of finishing one and moving on to the next. I don’t know anyone else who reads this way, but I think if you did read like that, an e-reader would be better, because you could easily switch back and forth between the books you are reading, without having to carry 4 or 5 books around.


Q: 電子書籍と普通の紙の本ではどちらが好きですか?

A: 電子書籍は全く読まないわ。ずっと画面を見続けるのが好きではないし、紙の本を持っていけないところはないでしょ。電子書籍を選ぶとすれば、ハードカバーの本を持ち歩かなくてはいけないという場合くらいね。ハードカーバの本はとても重いから。ただ小説を読むなら、かばんに紙の本を入れない理由がないわ。