Could you tell me what’s the progress on vaccinations in the US?

Q: Could you tell me what’s the progress on vaccinations in the US?

A: My state has only been vaccinating medical workers and people 65 and up for a number of months. The governor set a tiered priority list, and the state was meant to slowly move through the tiers, which would make more people eligible every few weeks. Instead, the governor kept adding people to the first tier and never progressing along the planned schedule.

States around us were moving much more quickly, and people were unhappy that Washington state was moving so slowly. Then, President Biden made an announcement that all adults should be able to receive their vaccination by May. Because of this announcement, the governor of my state very quickly dropped the previous schedule and announced that all adults are now eligible.

On the same day that eligibility was opened up, the FDA placed a hold on the administration of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Many vaccine “pop-up clinics” had to temporarily close, because they only had the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. So many more Washingtonians were eligible, but far fewer vaccine sites were available.

My friend and I were lucky enough to get vaccine appointments this week. Because of the rush for vaccines, we could not get appointments in our local area. Instead, we drove about 40 minutes north, and got vaccinated at a rural airport!

First, we pulled into the airport property.


They had created many lanes along the gravel roads using traffic cones. There were a number of “check points”, where volunteers waited. At the first checkpoint,

we were asked to show our IDs and our confirmation email, to prove we had an appointment. Then the volunteer wrote on the car windshield the number of people in the car expecting vaccines.

Next, we drove into a wider, paved area, where they split the cars into 4 lines.

While in this line, another volunteer provided us with cards that had the date and the vaccine maker pre-printed on them. We were asked to write our names and dates of birth at the top of our cards.

As we got closer, we could see volunteers in blue vests, administering shots to the people in front of us. Then another volunteer came up and asked for our IDs. She checked us off the list on her iPad, and then it was our turn to get vaccinated! You can see volunteers in blue vests on both sides of the car in this photo ,

vaccinating the driver and the passenger. As we got our shots, another volunteer wrote the time on our windshield.

Last, we drove to a waiting spot, where a volunteer kept track of the time. After waiting 15 minutes, the volunteer confirmed the time on our windshield and we were allowed to go!


Q: 米国のワクチン接種の進捗について教えて。

A: 私の州は何ヶ月もずっとワクチン接種は医療従事者と65歳以上だけだったの。州知事は接種の優先順位段階リストを作って、州は数週ごとに接種できる人が増えていくという段階にしたがってゆっくり進めることになっていたんだけど、実際は知事が第1階層の人を増やしていって、当初のスケジュール通りに進んでいなかったのね。