Do you have an issue with a lot of adults withdrawing from society?

Q: Japan has an issue with a lot of adults withdrawing from society.  Do you have such an issue in the US?

A: No, this is not really possible in the US. Our society generally looks down on people who continue to live with their parents, so most people move out on their own when they finish school, or before. Because of this, you must continue to work, or you’d end up being homeless.

Of course there are some people who continue to live with their parents, and in some cases these are people who have trouble coping with social situations, but being completely withdrawn from society just isn’t something that’s really possible. A person would have to be independently wealthy, or completely supported by their parents. Most families are not willing to support adults who do not have some kind of disability.


Q: 日本は多数の大人の引きこもりの問題があります。米国にも同様な問題はありますか?

A: ないわね。米国ではありえないことだわ。私たちの社会では、両親と同居し続ける人は見下されるので、学校を卒業するか、その前に自分で家から出て行くの。このため、働かなくてはならないし、そうしなければホームレスになってしまうわ。