Do you have any plants?

Q: Do you have any plants? What kind of plants do you have?

A: I live in an apartment and it’s fall now, so I only have a few plants. My apartment is too dark for house plants. I do like gardening, and when I have a place to do it, I always do. I like bulb flowers like gladiolus and jonquils, and of course pansies are very pretty and easy to take care of. I also like snap dragons and sweet peas, which have small, colorful flowers.

In my old apartment we had a balcony with a small patch of sun, so I used to plant some veggies each spring. Usually tomatoes, lettuce and spinach. However, I am on the ground floor in my new apartment, so the balcony above my patio is blocking most of the sun. I don’t think I will be able to grow any vegetables.

Currently I have marjoram, oregano, winter thyme, lemon grass, lemon balm, rosemary and peppermint plants. Some of these are plants the prefer direct sunlight, so they may not do well now that I have moved.


Q: 植物を育てていますか?どんな種類の植物ですか?

A: 私は賃貸に住んでいて、今は秋だから、植物は数個しかないわね。私の家は家庭栽培には暗すぎるの。ガーデニングは好きで、場所があったらいつもやっているわ。私はグラジオラスやキズイセンなどの球根草花が好きね。あと、もちろんパンジーもとても綺麗で世話しやすいわ。キンギョソウやスィートピーも小さくてカラフルな花で好きよ。