Do you have any stories related to April Fool’s Day?

Q: It is fun to see even major media release stories which are not true on April Fool’s Day. It never happens in Japan. Do you have any stories related to April Fool’s Day?

A: Some years ago when I was a teenager, I lived in Portland, Oregon. A new piece of public art was installed on a building downtown. This was a huge sculpture of a woman called “Portlandia”. She is holding a trident and kneeling with an outstretched hand, which is supposed to represent her reaching into the river.

The area of the building she was placed on was not so high off the ground (she has since been moved), so a group of university students got a ladder, climbed the building, and affixed a giant yo-yo to her outstretched hand. Unfortunately, this was far before the time of cellphones, so there aren’t many photos of the prank available, but I have attached one from a local newspaper.

There are some angry feelings around the sculpture, mostly due to the artist’s ridiculous legal claims and tactics, so local people got a good laugh out of this prank which sort of humbled the statue for a bit.


On April Fool’s Day


Q: エイプリルフールに関するエピソードはありますか?

A: 何年か前、十代のころ、私はオレゴンのポートランドに住んでいたの。ダウンタンのビルに新しいパブリックアートが設置されたんだけど、ポートランドリアという名前の女性の彫刻だったのね。その像は三つ叉の矛を持って、手を伸ばしてひざまづいていて、その像が川に手を伸ばしているのを表現していたの。