Do you like animals?

Q: Do you like animals?

A: Yes I do, but I am allergic to most kinds of animals. I did not have bad allergies as a child, so when I was growing up we often had kittens, and sometimes even puppies. I also had several parakeets when I was about 12. They were great pets, but sometimes got very noisy, especially when they were having an argument. What do parakeets argue about? I have no idea, but their fights are loud!

In high school I had a rat that was a very good pet. He was smart and affectionate, and when I let him out of his cage he would follow me around the house! He preferred to be carried though, and he was a bit of a coward. If he lost sight of me he would panic and run for whoever was close to him, hahahaa!

These days my allergies are very severe, so there are few animals I can be around. My apartment does not allow most pets anyway.


Q: 動物は好き?