Have you ever lived in another state in US?

Q: Have you ever lived in another state in US?

A: Yes, I have lived in several different states. I was born in Washington, but I have also lived in Oregon and California. I am a West Coast person! I prefer the area we call “The Pacific Northwest” though. This is made up of Northern Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. The PNW is a very beautiful area, with lots of rivers, forests and mountains. Also the weather tends to be cooler here. I prefer cool and dark weather.

There were some good things about living in California (absolutely fresh, perfect, CHEAP fruit!), but for the most part it was just too hot for me, so I was miserable. I don’t like hot weather and I don’t like sunny days, so California was not my favorite.



A: えぇ、他の州にはいくつか住んだことがあるわ。生まれはワシントン州だけど、オレゴンとカリフォルニアに住んだことがある。西海岸の人間なの!太平洋北西部と呼ばれる地域が好きよ。北オレゴン、ワシントン、ブリティッシュコロンビアからなるところね。太平洋北西部はたくさんの川、森、山があってとても美しいところなの。天候もここよりは涼しいわ。私は冷たくて暗い天候が好きなの。