Do you often buy things online?

Q: Do you often buy things online?

A: Yes, of course. I think online shopping has enabled us to buy the things we want, even when there isn’t a shop for that type of thing in our area. For example, my son likes video games but in my area there is no shop that sells video game themed items like t-shirts, back packs, etc. But I can easily go online and buy him what he wants.

It’s very expensive to have a car in my city, so many people rely on public transit instead. Unfortunately, the public transit in this city isn’t very good. So if you need to buy anything large, heavy, or bulky, you might have to walk a very long way to the nearest bus stop, carrying that large thing. Because of this I do most of my shopping online. Sometimes I even buy groceries online!

There are several grocery delivery services in this area. Most of them are very expensive though. But there are some online stores like or where we can purchase non-perishables (like canned vegetables, or boxed pasta) really cheaply. I often order non-perishable items from these places, so I don’t have to carry them!


Q: よくネットで買い物する?

A: もちろんするわ。ネットショッピングで住んでいるところに売っている店がないような時も、欲しいものが買えるようになったと思うわ。たとえば、私の息子はビデオゲームが好きなんだけど、私の住んでいるところにはビデオゲーム関連のTシャツやバックパックなどを売っている店がないの。でもオンラインなら彼の欲しいものを買ってあげられるわ。


うちのあたりでは食料品の配達サービスがいくつかあるの。ほとんどがとても高いのだけれどね。, など生もの以外(缶詰野菜や箱入りパスタなど)がとても安く買えるオンラインストアがあるのよ。生もの以外はこういう店でよく買うわ。運ばなくていいもの!