Do you often go to a certain café?

Q: Do you often go to a certain café?  What is your favorite café in Seattle?

A: I very rarely go to cafés, unless I am meeting someone. Cafes, especially chain cafes like Starbucks, are usually very easy to find. So if I have to meet someone in an unfamiliar area, they make great meet-up points! It’s also fairly common these days to meet in a café to discuss business ideas, or to make plans, so sometimes I visit local cafes with my running teammates to talk about plans for running events.

I don’t personally have a favorite café, but whatever kind of coffee or atmosphere you want, there is more than likely a café for you here! I’ve seen organic cafés, fair trade cafés, vegan cafés – you name it!


Q: どこか決まったカフェによく行くの? シアトルでお気に入りのカフェはどこ?