Which do you prefer when you have sweets: coffee or tea?

Q: Which do you prefer when you have sweets: coffee or tea?

A: Neither. Usually, when we say “sweets” we mean candy, and I don’t drink anything when I eat candy, though I suppose some people do.

Many people drink coffee or tea with baked goods like cake, pie, or pastries. I don’t like coffee at all, so I never drink it! But I don’t want tea with something like that, either. If it’s fresh/warm cake, pie, brownies, or cookies, I prefer a cold glass of milk. If it’s a pastry of some kind, I drink water with it. Usually pastries are pretty sweet, and have a distinct flavor. I don’t see any reason to add a sweetened drink to that, or to distract from the flavor with another flavor.


Q: スイーツを食べるときはコーヒーとお茶どちらがいい?

A: どちらも飲まないわ。通常私たちがsweetsというときはキャンディーを指すの。何か飲む人もいると思うけど、私はキャンディーを食べるときは何も飲まないわ。