Have you come to Japan? If so, what did you like about Japan?

Q: Have you come to Japan? If so, what did you like about Japan?

A: I’ve been to Japan several times. I really enjoy the public transportation. It’s very nice to be able to easily get to the shops or museums without having to fight traffic!

I really like beautiful buildings, so Japanese castles and temples are always on my list of things to see. Have you been to Matsumoto Jo? It’s a beautiful castle in Nagano prefecture, and I really liked visiting it because the scenery there is so lovely. Also, people in Matsumoto are very relaxed and friendly. I think it’s a great place to visit.

Taking the Shinkansen is a lot of fun as well. When visitors have the JR rail pass, they are not allowed to use the fastest shinkansen, so getting from Tokyo to Osaka takes a bit longer. But I like the slower journey because the countryside in Kansai is very beautiful. I love the shiny, colorful roof tiles on the traditional homes!