Where do you live? What is it like?

Q: Where do you live? What is it like?
 A: I live in Seattle. It’s a very international city, due to the tech industries we have here, and also due to the University of Washington. Many students come from around the world to attend this university. There’s a good medical school attached to the university, so we also have a larger than average number of hospitals and clinics in the area. Seattle was founded by groups of people from different countries, so sometimes we can find traditional art from other places in our neighborhoods. For example, “Ballard” is a neighborhood that was originally settled by Scandinavian immigrants who came here to work on the docks. There are a number of statues built around that area to honor important Scandinavian figures, like Leif Erikson. You’re also very likely to see homes flying Swedish or Norwegian flags out front, to honor their heritage. Traffic here is a nightmare 0___0

答え:シアトルに住んでいるの。技術産業があってワシントン大学があるのでとても国際的な都市よ。この大学には世界中からたくさんの生徒が来ているわ。この大学には優秀な医学部があるのでこの地域には病院や医院も平均的な数よりも多いわね。シアトルは様々な国からきた人たちが築いた町だから近隣には外国の伝統芸術を時々見かけるわ。例えば、”Ballard”という地域はもともと、波止場で働くためにここに来たスカンジナビアの移民が築いたものなの。この地域の周りにはレイフ・エリクソンのようなスカンジナビアの要人をたたえる像がたくさんあるわ。それから彼らの伝統をたたえてスウェーデンやノルウェイの旗を表に掲げる家もよく見るわ。ここの渋滞は悪夢ね 0___0