Have you heard of any unique supplements?

Q: I heard a lot of Americans take supplements regularly to prevent them from getting diseases. 
 Have you heard of any unique supplements?

A: I don’t think this is true, actually. Americans tend to take supplements to deal with issues they already have (or have had), rather than for prevention. For example, a person who suffers from heart disease might take supplements that are supposed to strengthen the heart, or lower cholesterol. A person who has macular degeneration may take an eye health supplement to try to keep it from getting worse.

Some of the most common supplements are for joint issues. Many people develop trouble with their knees and backs as they age, and there are some natural products that work to help relieve inflammation, which are very popular.

I don’t know about any unusual supplements, but interestingly enough, some years back it was discovered that popular joint health supplements also work well on pets! So people who were taking these for their arthritis also started to give them to their arthritic pets.


Q: アメリカ人は病気予防のためにサプリメントを定期的に飲む人がたくさんいると聞きました。
サプリメントを飲んでいますか? 変わったサプリメントを聞いたことがありますか?

A: それは違うと思うわ。アメリカ人は、予防というより既にある(あった)問題に対処するためにサプリメントを飲む傾向にあるわ。例えば、心臓疾患のある人が心臓を強くしたりコレステロールを下げるというサプリメントを飲んだり、加齢黄斑変性の人が悪化を防ぐために目の健康にいいサプリメントを飲むかもしれないわね。