Have you taken Uber or Lyft?

Q: Have you taken Uber or Lyft? 

A: As far as how to use them, you must download an app to your phone and register an account with your information. Then you can use the app to call a car to wherever you are and have it drop you off wherever you need to go. In cities, it usually takes around 5 minutes for a car to come and get you. The app clearly shows you the following things:
A photo of the driver

The driver’s name

A photo of the type of car

The color of the car

The license plate number of the car

When the car arrives, you should double check the license plate number, and some people ask the driver “who are you here for?”. They reply with your name, and you know that’s your car! The best part is that (at least on Lyft – I am not sure with Uber) you are shown on the app ahead of time how much the ride will cost you, so there is no surprise. Prices do vary, depending on the time of day and availability of drivers.


Q:  UberやLyftは使ったことある?