Have you used Uber or Lyft? If you have, what are they like?

Q: Have you used Uber or Lyft? If you have, what are they like?

A: Yes, I’ve used both. I prefer to use Lyft, but the pricing is very similar.
Basically, ordinary people sign up to be drivers for the service. The company checks their car insurance, and checks to see if they have a criminal record. If they are OKed, then you can use an app on your phone to request a ride from them. Someone usually comes to get you within 5 minutes. The app shows you a photo of both the driver and their car, so you know who you are looking for. This is especially helpful if you are waiting in a busy area, like a mall parking lot. They drive you wherever you need to go, and at the end of the ride you use the app to pay the fee plus a tip. You also rate the driver. If you thought the driver was good, then you give a better tip and a higher rating. If they were only so-so, then you give a smaller tip and a medium rating. If the driver was terrible, you give no tip and a low rating. If you give a driver a low rating, the service makes sure that you are not matched with that driver again.

One big problem people have with these services is that the price changes depending on demand. So that means if you want to use the service on a holiday (like New Year’s Eve) or on a Friday night when everyone is out, the price is much higher than it would be on a Monday afternoon.
Recently I gave a driver a very low rating, because when I asked him to pull over and let me out, he drove up onto the sidewalk and parked next to a building!!


質問: Uber や Lyftは使ったことがある? もしあれば、どんな風なの?


両方使ったことがあるわ。わたしは Lyftを使うのが好きだけど、値段設定はとても似ているの。基本的には普通の人がこのサービスの運転手として契約するの。会社が彼らの車の保険や犯罪歴がないかを確認するわ。もし大丈夫ならあなたの電話に入っているアプリを使って彼らに乗車リクエストができるの。たいてい誰かが5分以内に迎えに来てくれるわ。アプリで運転手と車の両方の写真を見られるので誰を見つけるかがすぐわかるの。モールの駐車場のような繁華街で待つならこれは特に便利ね。彼らはあなたの行きたい所にはどこでも連れて行ってくれて、降りるときには料金にチップを足してアプリを使って支払うの。あなたは運転手に評価をつけられるのよ。もしその運転手がよいと思ったらより多めのチップと高めの評価をあげて。まぁまぁ、というときは少なめのチップと真ん中の評価を。もし運転手がひどければチップをあげずに低い評価で。もし運転手に低い評価をすると、サービス側が必ずあなたとその運転手が二度とマッチングしないようにするのよ。