Tell me about public transportation in Seattle.

Q:Tell me about public transportation  in Seattle.

A:Seattle doesn’t have very good public transportation at the moment. As I mentioned before, the bus system is not very efficient. The city is working on building a light rail system, but it’s not going very quickly. At this point we just have a few stations on the light rail. There are many different types of problems that are making the progress slow. One problem is that there is nowhere to lay the tracks in some areas, so they are trying to dig a tunnel under the city. The city has rented a huge boring machine (which they call “Bertha”), but the machine keeps breaking down. It’s running again now, but it was broken down, stuck underneath the city for over one year!

It’s not very common for West Coast cities to have a subway or anything similar, though light rail trains are becoming more and more popular. In some cities, the tracks run along the streets with cars, so there are often traffic accidents involving cars and trains. In Seattle, though, the trains are typically either underground or alongside the roadway.


質問: シアトルの公共交通機関について教えて。

回答: シアトルはいまのところあまりよい公共交通機関があるとはいえないわ。以前に話したことがあるけれど、バスのシステムはあまり効率的ではないの。市は路面電車を建築中なのだけれどあまり順調に進んでいないわ。現時点では路面電車の駅は数個しかないの。順調にいかないのにはいろいろな問題がたくさんあるわ。1つには線路を通せない地域があるということで、そこは市の地下にトンネルを掘ろうとしているの。市は(Berthaと呼ばれる)巨大な掘削機を借りたんだけど、その機械がこわれてばかり。いままた動き始めているのだけど、壊れてしまい、1年以上市の地下で停滞しているわ。